President Clarence C. Stoughton Collection - Correspondence from WWII


Letters received by Wagner College President Clarence C. Stoughton from current and former Wagner students while they were stationed all over the world during WWII. test

Collection Items

[Letter] 1944 November 22 [to] President Stoughton
Bakke writes of a visit to Wagner and apologizes for not seeing President Stoughton during that visit. He informs Stoughton of his marriage and the birth of his son. He then tells of his activities since early 1943 including various training…

[Letter] 1945 July 26  [to] Professor
Bosch sends a change of address and notes that his outfit should be returning to the States soon. Bosch also congratulates Stoughton on his new undertaking.

[Letter] 1945 July 23, Nice [to] Dr. Stoughton
Buck tells Stoughton of meeting two Wagnerians in the Red Cross club in Nice. She also talks of her work with the recreational programs of the Red Cross.
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