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  • Collection: President Clarence C. Stoughton Collection - Correspondence from WWII

[Letter] 1944 September 15, New Guinea [to] Dr. Stoughton
Writes about the rain and heat and climate of New Guinea. Talks of his Information and Education work which handles radio shows, publications, and the formation of group study classes. Trautmann enjoys getting the men involved in this work and…

[Letter] 1944 January 6, New Guinea [to] Dr. Stoughton
Trautmann writes of his work in the Information and Education Section and of the Army's educational plans. He is also working on publications and doing news presentations over the public address system. He writes of life on New Guinea and asks…

[Letter] 1945 September 1 [to] Curt
Stoughton thanks Townsend for his letter and is happy that he has gotten into his chosen field.

[Letter] 1945 August 22, Mid-Atlantic [to] Mr. Stoughton
Townsend writes that he is being sent by UNRRA to a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. He is looking forward to doing some constructive work.

[Letter] 1945 February 7, France [to] Dr. Stoughton
Thanks Stoughton for sending Bulletins. Looking to take courses through the Armed Forces Insitute and asks which might be accepted by Wagner so that he can finish his degree. Writes of visiting various places while stationed in Europe.

[Letter] 1944 December 8, Netherland East India [to] Prof
Sends a brief note saying he has been traveling the world, has seen Joe Cawley, and wishes Stoughton and his family a Merry Christmas.

[Letter] 1942 October 31 [to] "Prof"
Swartwout asks if he could receive the Bulletin to catch up on others that are serving in the war. Writes that he trained at Edgewood Arsenal and is looking to get into the Chemical Warfare Service.

[V-Mail] 1944 December 5 [to] "Prof"
Schwarz writes that he has received a recent Bulletin after it had gone through a number of addresses; asks that his address be updated . Says he will take advantage of the GI Bill when the war ends and return to college. Writes of recent battles.

[Letter] 1944 August [to] Prof
Writes of recently changing squadrons and hopes to be on a mission soon. Talks of having visited Cambridge, King's, Trinity, and St. Andrew's Colleges. Describes the chapels and the grounds at the colleges and in the towns. Relates a tale told to him…

[Letter] 1945 March 12, New Guinea [to] "Doc" Stoughton
Scheiper writes of life on New Guinea and of the extension course he is taking through the Armed Forces Institute. He also tells of church services and of activities taking place in the Red Cross hut.