[Letter] 1945 July 31, Manila, P.I. [to] Doc Stoughton

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[Letter] 1945 July 31, Manila, P.I. [to] Doc Stoughton


Manila (Philippines)


Thanks Stoughton for writing and talks of the loss of his mother. Tells of his new post in Manila and his work as a locator file clerk. Also describes the rubble and chaos of Manila. Says he is still continuing his courses.


Scheiper, Caspar Alfred


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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Manila, P.I.
31 July, 1945

Dear Doc Stoughton,
I wanted to write to you sooner in thanks for that wonderful letter of March 25.
Yes, it was a great blow to me, so many miles from home, to hear of the passing on of my Beloved Mother. I have the consolation, however, that She died with the minimum of suffering, and that She is now in a World of Peace & Happiness. I want to thank you and your family for your sympathy in that most tragic hour.
As you can see from my heading I'm now in Manaila. I have finally received an assignment. It is to Headquarters 14th Anti-Aircraft Command. I am not working with guns or other instruments, except for my fountain pen.

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I am what is known as a locater file clerk. I am working in the Adjutant General's section. I enjoy my work & find it interesting. This monring as I'm not very busy I decided I'd write a few letters.
Manila - "The Queen of the Far East" that's what she used to be. Now she is nothing but a mass of rubble and chaos (financial). When purchaing food or some other item one doesn't figure in centavos but in pesos. The peso is supposed to be worth 50 cents but in my opinion it isn't worth half that much. Many of the so-called homes are in a deplorable shape - thatched rooves or perhaps corrugated metal; sometimes even thatched walls - on the whole an unsanitary mess.
As for furthering my education my French course is about 1/3 completed. I have applied for the Armed Forces

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Institute on Psychology & Life.
I am hoping to again become a member of "The Family on the Hill." It gives me great pleasure being able to say that I attended Wagner College.
Words are few & the news has given out. I end this brief letter with regards to all -
As always

My new address is:
Pvt. Caspar A. Scheiper
42127945 Hq Btry,
14th AA cmd Apo 75
c/o P.M. San Francisco

am enclosing a piece of Japanese invasion money used in the Philippines during Jap occupation

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Scheiper, Caspar Alfred, “[Letter] 1945 July 31, Manila, P.I. [to] Doc Stoughton,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed September 30, 2022, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16357.