[Letter] 1944 September 29, Potsdam, N.Y. [to] Prof

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[Letter] 1944 September 29, Potsdam, N.Y. [to] Prof


Kleintop, Milton
Potsdam (N.Y.)


Hammond writes of settling his debt with Wagner, which now may be easier since he has taken a teaching position in Potsdam, NY. He asks Stoughton for help in filling out some information on his teaching application. Hammond also writes of his wife and daughter and has enclosed some photographs.


Hammond, Harold E. (Harold Earl), 1922-1986


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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53 Hamilton St.
Potsdam, N. Y.
Sept 29, 1944
Dear Prof,
It has been a long time since we contacted each other, but you probably learned of some of my activities through Dean Kleintop, with whom I have been in fairly close contact in the past year.
When we last communicated with each other, you said it would be possible to postpone my financial obligation to Wagner until I felt I could meet it. The army has been playing games with me long enough and this has created a great deal of maladjustment and consequent expense. My change of position from Westinghouse to Public Health served me well, though it was inconvenient. I have been able to fulfill the qualifications for an A.M. Degree, but I cannot have a degree until my account is settled there.
This fall I accepted a teaching position in Potsdam, New York for several reasons. My family has made every endeavor to create further havoc with my life and I desired to remove myself from possible further contact. It is not ideal to live with in-laws, and I need not tell you the many complications such an arrangement creates. Now I am settled in the St. Lawrence Valley in a modest teaching position at a modest salary, but I find life much more pleasant here. I believe it will be possible to resume payment of my obligation, which I believe, amounts to $277 — as soon as this transition is completely effected.
You can imagine the cost of transportation of an apartment of furniture 400 miles today, if a one-way train ticket costs $10- per person. If anyone

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tries to tell you the fable of cheaper cost of living in this part of the country, don’t be as naïve as I.
Enclosed you will find an application for a Teacher’s license, which is essential to the security of my present and any future teaching positions. I would appreciate it if you would have someone fill out the appropriate parts of the application and forward it to the Bursar of Teacher’s College, Columbia University, where the process will be completed.
Enclosed you will also find a few small pictures of Susan Jane, the first of the Harold, Helen Hammond clan. These pictures were taken in June of this year. Since this time she has developed considerably and now has quite a bit of hair.
Helen is in good health and sends her best wishes to you and all our friends at Wagner. If you find time, I should enjoy hearing from you. Love till later.
Ever your sincere friend,
Harold Hammond
P.S. I’m moving next week (this apartment is too small for us), which accounts for the difference of address. Let me know about costs of transcripts and I’ll send you the money immediately.

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