[Letter] 1944 August 30 [to] Prof

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[Letter] 1944 August 30 [to] Prof


Robb, James
Stoughton, Jeanne


Grosse talks of a surprise birthday party given to him by his men. He mentions how proud he is of Jimmie Robb and other Wagnerians. He also writes of being in charge of a convalescent camp currently being rebuilt and the stories that the patients share with him.


Grosse, Eric Frank


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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30 Aug. 1944
Hi ya Prof,
Will answer your letter of the 24th which I got yesterday. I guess that every once in a while the mail service is really “hot” and we get our mail back and forth in good order.
I’ll try to tell you something that happened to me. About two weeks ago was my birthday and it was swell to get cards from home and all that but the best thing was a little surprise party my men had for me. There were no presents handed out or anything but it was really swell feeling to know that the men thought that much of a guy. After the usual ball game in the evening we all came back when the chow gong sounded. We assembled in the mess hall and the cooks brought in coffee and a cake with one candle. You know a day in the galley for these boys is at least 12 hours and it was a lot of extra trouble and as I said before it sure gave me a funny feeling, something that just can’t be put into words.
Glad to hear Jean is doing so well. It sure helps a lot to be in something you really enjoy and are interested in. And talk about being proud of hearing about Jimmie Robb, well I was just like a little kid with a new toy. I called a couple of my N.C.O.’s and the chief pharmacist’s mate in and told them all about it! I guess that all the boys from Wagner are doing all right, coming through the way I know you’ll be proud of all of us.
Jumbo shoved off for some place. I don’t know just where he is right now or where he is going. I got the word through another officer since I hadn’t heard from him in a long while.
The camp I’m in charge of is a convalescent camp, being rebuilt at the moment. Most of the men here are casuals, some with the purple heart and a silver star on it. The stories they have to tell are quite interesting, if not a little gruesome. Wish I could tell you about it, but I guess the censor would object.
Haven’t seen Lt. Yaeger again but will try to soon.
Well Prof, I guess this’ll be all again for a while. Best regards to all “on the hill” and write again when you have time.
Lt. E.F. Grosse

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Grosse, Eric Frank, “[Letter] 1944 August 30 [to] Prof,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed August 16, 2022, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16311.