[Letter] 1942 February 28 [to] Mr. Stoughton

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[Letter] 1942 February 28 [to] Mr. Stoughton


Perosi, Joseph
Hutton, Richard
Fort Ord (California)
United States. Army. Medical Regiment, 102nd


DiGiulio writes of his work in the pharmacy of the Medical Regiment and how valuable his courses at Wagner were in preparing him for this work. He asks about various Wagner faculty and students and tells Stoughton of students he has had letters from. He asks about the fencing team and about Stoughton's family. Also tells Stoughton that he has gotten married.


DiGiulio, Anthony


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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Feb. 28, 1942
Dear Mr. Stoughton,
I was glad to receive your letter even though it was mimeographed. Your letter brought back memories. It’s been near 17 months since I left the protective wings of Wagner College. I hope to continue some special subjects when this carnage is through. – I sound pretty confident – Don’t I – but in this game, hardships are half won with confidence alone.
I was sorry to hear that the girl’s dormitory was toasted. Anyway it got the girls a new domicile. Maybe some goofy girl connived to get the new dormitory? It happens in the best of circles.
The list of some of the Wagner boys in service really interested me. I’m going to make a good attempt to contact Dick Hutton in Frisco. I’m in Fort Ord now all set to go over. This place is probably the last outpost – if you get what I mean.
My job here in the Medical Regiment? Well I’m a pharmacist in Co. “G”. Dr. Davidheiser and Brabec gave me a good background in chemistry calculations. That helped quite a bit. Also with what Dr. Deal pounded into me of human anatomy, human physiology, and microscopic technique I feel quite at home here in the Medical Reg’t work. I’ve been taught first aid to the nth degree.

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The rest was just a procedure of applying one to the other, and my broad knowledge (thanks to Wagner) permitted me to understand what I was doing and why. I fill out prescriptions and take care of the company’s narcotics. This job I hold attaches a lot of responsibility. If I fall down on the job I may cause a death or cause men to become sick. So being that I hate trouble and don’t look for it, I do my work faithfully and accurately. (The handwriting is terrible because the pad is on my lap and is very unsteady).
Has the faculty been changed any? Is Ray Miller still at Wagner? I believe I wrote to him once and also to Doc Deal. If both are still with, then tell them to write hello at least. Oh by the way my address for the duration is as follows.
Pfc. Anthony DiGiulio, ASN. 20219500
Co.G.- 102nd Med. Reg’t.
A.P.O. #1104
c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif.
Could you do me a favor and tell my cousin — Joseph Perosi, a student there to write to me. He’s a forgetful one. I get a letter from Al Acettolla once in awhile. It’s been two months since I last heard from him. How’s Austin Anderle doing? Give him my regards, please.

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Well how’s our Fencing team shaping up? It should be the end of the season now. How did football and basketball make out this season? Say — how about send me a Wagnerian if it's possible. At least, then I could find out who’s chief cook and bottle washer in Wagner.
Gee, how forgetful of me. Here I go ranting on about the school & etc.- How’s Mrs. Stoughton and your daughter. Is Miss Stoughton in Wagner yet? Give my regards to Mrs. Stoughton and daughter and son.
Say did you know that I got married. I married a girl from Westerleigh. She attends Rev. Sellars church. I, once, had a very good talk with Rev. Sellars. A finer man, I never met. He sure is swell.
Is chapel still in force? What type of speakers have you had already.-
I think I’ve just about run out of things to say and ask. So I’ll close off here and say so long for a while. – I don’t expect to be in U.S. much longer, but write anyway. If you can, maybe you can interest some of the people I did know to write to me. Maybe some of them will - who knows. So long now and Good Health to you all. Don’t’ worry, this little boy will come through or I won’t ever know the reason why. (corny eh well) — Regards to all.
Your former student and forever Wagnerian,
Anthony DiGiulio

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DiGiulio, Anthony, “[Letter] 1942 February 28 [to] Mr. Stoughton,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed January 30, 2023, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16286.