The value of community-university partnerships for quality afterschool programming

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The value of community-university partnerships for quality afterschool programming


MS Ed: Teaching Literacy


This exploratory study closely documents and examines two afterschool programs (Tech Kids Unlimited and Los Promotores P.S. 20 Literacy Program) that were developed using a community-university partnership model with the Wagner College Education Department during the 2014-2015 academic year. Using a framework that closely documents, analyzes, and assesses program quality, this study explores how partnerships can help meet the growing demand for high-quality afterschool programs and highlights the need for addressing and supporting at-risk groups, specifically in urban areas. Using a three-part mixed methods approach, the study included participant observer fieldwork, two pre-service educator surveys, and interviews from associated professors and program leaders in these community-university partnerships. Seventeen Wagner College pre-service educators were surveyed after working in one or both educational partnerships to explore how they were prepared and to learn more about their experiences programs, Findings highlight the need college students to perceive they are participating in a organized structure in order to effectively plan and support these afterschool. Furthermore, findings suggest that when college students have relevant professional development activities, previous background with the population, and opportunities for reflection, they have a more positive sense of the impact the community-university model. Program improvements are discussed to promote positive adaptations for college students in future partnership programs. This study found that qualitative research can potentially improve current programs and shed light to the potential impact of the community-university model for quality afterschool programming at small, urban universities.


Colitz, Tatum

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DeMoss, Karen
Frumkin, Rhoda
Gordon, David


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