[Letter] 1943 February 21 [to] Sir

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[Letter] 1943 February 21 [to] Sir


United States. Army. Air Corps
Electrical storms


Drescher thanks Stoughton for his correspondence and writes about his new training course of which mathematics and electricity are a large part. Drescher also says he will be going for his final interview for Officer Candidate School. He also writes of the electrical storms and flooding that are affecting his current location.


Drescher, Gordon


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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Dear Sir,
Received your letter a few days ago, and want to thank you for it. I really appreciate your correspondence, and know that you do find it hard to get the time to write, too. For the past 2 weeks, I have been hard at work in my new course, and am really enjoying it. It is very concentrated and, intense, but I still like it very much.
Mathematics, and chiefly, electricity, are playing an important part in this course. I wish that I could tell you all about it, but that is impossible. When the war is over, and I have come back to college, I’ll tell you all about this, my new work. This new responsibility that I hold, is really something. I like it a lot though. Yesterday, I received some good news.
The office had accidentally held up my Officer Candidate papers, but have now cleared them, and I will get my final interview before the board, sometime soon. I sure am hoping for the best, but I like my new work so much, I really don’t mind waiting. Last night we had a terrific electrical storm. The rain that

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came down really flooded the streets, and grounds. For two hours, the electricity in a fifteen mile radius, was cut off. One plane, a medium bomber, was forced down, and another had its radio system completely blown out. Quite a storm! Our weather lately, has been quite warm. The temp was nearly 80 degrees that other night, and the mosquitoes dive bombed in formations. They must really be terrific during the summer months.
Well, guess I had better clean up now, and get into town to the evening service at church. I only get to town on Sundays, as I have to study weekday nights. We must study at the vault too, as we must forget our work entirely, when we leave there, after class. I’ll write again soon, and hope that I will have favorable news on my O.C.S. try, by my next letter.
Till the next time then, I am,
Your friend,
Pvt Gordon Drescher,
Student, and Power turret Specialist
P.S. Write again soon, if you can. I certainly do enjoy hearing from you.

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Drescher, Gordon, “[Letter] 1943 February 21 [to] Sir,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed January 30, 2023, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16291.