[Letter] 1916 March 10, Los Angeles, California [to] My Dear Comrade Who Knows All Things

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[Letter] 1916 March 10, Los Angeles, California [to] My Dear Comrade Who Knows All Things


Scott, John Milton.
Cumnock School of Expression (Los Angeles, CA)


Le Prade thanks Markham for his willingness to write an introduction to her poetry. She talks of her studies at the Comnock School of Expression and writes of her discussions with John Milton Scott.


Le Prade, Ruth


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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1501 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles California,
March, 10, 1916
To My Dear Comrade Who Knows All Things:
I am so happy, happier than I have ever been in all my life, to think that my message is to reach the people; and that you are to write the introduction for my songs. It seems too beautiful to be true—but comrade Scott says that the beautiful things are always true. It is impossible for me to express how I feel; or to thank you as I should—but you , who know all things, will understand. I am in Los Angeles now, attending Comnock School of Expression. They gave me a scholarship there. My studies are: Literature, Literary Interpretation, Shakespeare, Dramatics, Story Telling, French, Pantomime, Voice Culture, Interpretation, Literary Appreciation, Art Appreciation—the last two are in lecture form and come only once a week. Also study German at night school. Will graduate a year from this June. Enjoy my work tremendously. My semester at Berkeley was very joyful and helpful. I have your three books of song for my very own now. They are infinitely precious. Ben Wilson (brother of J. Stitt Wilson) carries the “Shoes of Happiness” with him as he goes the road. It is very dear to him and he feels that it has strengthened him very much—as it must strengthen all who read it. His favorite poem is, “How the Great Guest Came”. I had a talk with our dear Song-Brother, John Milton Scott, yesterday. He has been wonderfully kind to me. He will write to you today. I have two beautiful cards with your poems, “Outwitted”, and “By the Fireside” on them, also your picture. Comrade Scott gave them to me yesterday. They are exquisite. (Guess you have seen them) Comrade Scott also gave me some of his own work which I am looking forward to reading with great joy . The weather here is glorious. There may be some of my “In Passing” which is unworthy and should be omitted. In preparing the manuscript I have tried to cut as ruthlessly as possible, but it is hard for one to judge his own work. I would appreciate any suggestions you might make. I asked Comrade Scott to look them over before I sent them to you, but he felt that you would rather have me send them to you as I had originally prepared them. He has the carbon-copies and my scrap-book.
With reverent love
I remain your comrade
P.S. Since the New Year I have only my first two names, Ruth Le Prade. I want to be just Ruth—as I am in my writings and to those who love me—but it seems that I must have another name for everyday purposes. So I dropped one of my names, keeping the one I liked best. You will understand. Debs is coming here this spring. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard send their love. The inspiration of your great white soul goes with me always and gives me strength. Ruth
P.P.S. Am sending the manuscript under separate cover. Forgot to put their stamps, for it’s return, in the other envelope.

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