[Letter] 1899 September 24 [to] beloved comrade

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[Letter] 1899 September 24 [to] beloved comrade


Christian socialism.
Contemporary review (New York, N.Y.)


Herron writes to Markham informing him of his upcoming travel plans. Herron also supplies Markham with a list of recommended reading to help Markham speak and arouse the public.


Herron, George Davis, 1862-1925


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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Sept. 24, 1899.
My beloved comrade:
Your letter brought joy to my soul, as every word of yours does, whether in poem or letter, or prose articles that I see in the papers. I wish I might see you, sometime between now and January. The latter part of January, I expect to sail for a two months pilgrimage through Palestine, and then go up through Russia to Tolstoi, and back in the summer. After that I will give myself wholly to my public work, and withdraw from my college work, so I now think. It seems to me that if any man has any word to speak, for the arousing of the people, it is time that it be done. The next five years are big with destiny. It is Christ or a long stretch of despotism and darkness that will soon be coming to our nation. I feel that there must be a great spiritual crusade initiated soon. The six or seven books that would help you first, I think, are as follows:
1. “Fields, Factories and Workshops,” By Prince Kropotkin, pub. By Houghton, Mifflin & Co.
2. “England’s Ideals,” and “Civilization: It’s Cause and Cure,” by Edward Carpenter, two small books, pub. By Scribners.
3. “Genesis of the Social Conscience,” by Prof. Nash, pub by MacMillans.
4. “The Law of Civilization and Decay,” By Brooks Adams, pub. By MacMillans.
5. “Catholic Socialism,” by ____ Nitti, pub. By Longmans, Green & Co.
6. “Wealth Against Commonwealth,” by Henry D. Lloyd, pub. By Harpers.
7. “Influences of Greek Ideas and Usages on the Early Christian Church,” by Dr. Edwin Hatch.
8. “Causes and Consequences,” by John Jay Chapman, pub by Scribners
Let me suggest that you also notice some of the very suggestive magazine articles in the “Contemporary Review.” There is an American Edition pub. by Leonard Scott, New York. Notice especially in the may number, “The Prussian Rural Laborer and the Evangelical Church.” I wrote to you at Oakland, the other day, supposing you were still there, and sent you a poem. If you do not get it, will you kindly let me know. I wish you might make it possible to see me in December, when you come east. Try to arrange.
I bear you in my soul constantly and most lovingly.
Your brother always,
George D. Herron

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