[Letter] 1912 February 23 [to] Comrade

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[Letter] 1912 February 23 [to] Comrade


Prosser, William A.
Men and Religion Forward Movement.
Pittsburgh Press.
Robins, Raymond, 1873-1954


A letter to Christian Socialist Fellowhip members promoting William Prosser's book against an attack on Socialism.


Womsley, Bessie M.


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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Feb’y 23rd, 1912.
Dear Comrade:
In response to many requests for publication we have now on the press Comrade William A. Prosser’s Open Letter and Challenge to Mr. Raymond Robins in answer to his attack on Socialism, as published in the Pittsburgh Press, Feb’y 4th, together with introductory remarks by the Author and the citation of some remarkable incidents growing out of this controversy. This book is 16 pages, 5 ¼ x 7 ½, good, clear print, first class paper, nice, attractive cover, and contains, besides the History of this MOST SENSATIONAL INCIDENT of the Men & Religion Forward Movement, a full page half tone engraving of “an intellectual ass.” It is an Exposition of Socialism, the best propaganda Essay of the year, dedicated to the Socialist Party, and is designed especially to reach the man who is blinded, confused and bewildered by the M & R FM. Thru’ Robins’ agency the M & R F M or the people back of it, are apparently seeking to set Protestant Christian People Against Socialism on these three main grounds, as Comrade (Rev) E. M. Duff of Buffalo puts it:
1. That its doctrine of economic determinism or the “materialistic interpretation of history” is both false and godless.
2. That the doctrine of the Class struggle is immoral.
3. That its method of propaganda is 97% invective and 3% constructive; its constructive part lacking in definite proposals (or, as Robins stated in Pittsburgh, “on the bum”).
The Prosser book is just what you are looking for, Comrade, to settle all doubts about the purpose of the M & R F M and to hand to your neighbor who is enthused over it. If you want to drown the echo of the M & R F M at the Ballot Box, use the Prosser Book. It is a marvel of simplicity and clearness. Please see your local or Branch Literature Committee or make up a club order. Prices as follows:
Single Copies 10¢, Not less than 50 copies to individuals or Party Branches, 6¢ ea., County locale wholesale, 4¢ ea, ALL PREPAID. Stamps for single copies; M.Os or drafts for larger quantities. Every penny of net proceeds from this pamphlet goes for the spread of socialism.
Yours for the Cooperative Commonwealth,
Bessie M. Womsley
Pittsburg Center C.S.F.
706 Penn Building.

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