[Letter] 1922 October 2 [to] A.C.M.

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[Letter] 1922 October 2 [to] A.C.M.


Wheeler, E. J. (Edward Jewitt), 1859-1922
Robinson, Edwin Arlington, 1869-1935
Speyer, Leonora, 1872-1956
Poetry Society of America.


Bynner writes a letter to Mrs. Markham regarding the death of Wheeler. Bynner expresses his belief that no religious ceremony should be held but a brief acknowledgment at the beginning of the next Poetry Society meeting would be appropriate. Bynner goes on to write about the choice for the next President of the Poetry Society, stating who he believes is the best candidate.


Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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October 2, 1922.
Dear A.C.M.,
I’m enclosing you a note which you may or may not read as you choose, at the October meeting. I feel sure that I have already sent you, either in my letter of resignation, or in some other, a message concerning Mr. Wheeler which I hoped you would read. As to a memorial service, I am very strongly against it, if by service you mean any religious or semi-religious observance. That kind of thing in a lay organization, especially in one whose members are of various beliefs and disbeliefs, seems to me a lame and inappropriate business. With all the urgency I can command, I beg you not to have anything in the way of a prayer or with a religious cast. On the other hand, it would be not only appropriate, but inwardly obligatory for us to devote the opening of our first meeting to some form of acknowledgment. I would suggest that several of the officers combine in a brief memorial program --- one of them to give an outline of Mr. Wheeler’s career and of his unfailing and invaluable devotion to the Society. Perhaps this is just the sort of thing you had planned, and my momentary alarm was unfounded. I have had a letter from Jessie advocating the choice of Erskine or of Mrs. Robinson, agreeing to Leonora as a third possibility. Much as I admire Mrs. Robinson, and devotedly as I like her, I still feel that Leonora would have more time and energy for the purposes of our organization than any of the others; and though for no better reason than that, would be a wiser choice. If a woman were chosen for president, all three of the vice-presidents should be men--- or certainly two of them--- and I am not sure that it would be unwise, even though Edwin Arlington Robinson is not a presider, to dignify the upper end of our list of officers with his prestige. I hope you will keep me in as close touch as you can with what goes on, not needing to be told how vitally interested I am.
Yours Faithfully

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