[Letter] 1922 September 12 [to] Julia

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[Letter] 1922 September 12 [to] Julia


Poetry Society of America.
Erskine, John, 1879-1951
Speyer, Leonora, 1872-1956


Bynner sends a copy of a previous letter with note stating he is not sure the letter was received. In the original letter, Bynner wrote about a contest within the Poetry Society as well as possible successors to the presidency of the Society. He mentions Erskine as a poor choice and recommends Speyer as a better choice.


Bynner, Witter, 1881-1968


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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Box 1061 Santa Fe NM
Dear Secretary:
You have not acknowledged my regretful resignation but I suppose it reached you. I had another copy of this note made for you here it is:
Fondly yours

(New ____ (?) who is offering a prize for the best first(?) book of poems of 1921)

Dear Julia,
I’m returning you Jessie’s note with only the suggestion that I do not think three choices enough. There should be at least six choices by each judge: the figuring to follow the same procedure as Jessie suggests for three, and the prize going to the poet with the smallest sum total. I have forgotten who the judges were, I wish you would tell me again. As to the Poetry Society, I should be only too glad to continue as president if such a course were not bound to be selfish and inconsiderate. Because of my pretty well assured absence from New York this winter, I should be enjoying the distinction and doing none of the work. Jessie’s suggestion of John Erskine quite staggers me. Able as he is in many ways, Erskine is to my mind a deadening choice. His poetry is of no importance whatever, and the whole connotation of the man is academic and dry. I should much rather see a comparative new comer like Leonora Speyer. The meetings and conduct of the Society would be far more vigorous and forward-looking than under the guidance of a heavy-weight like Erskine. Are there not other suggestions from Jessie or from some of the rest of you? Rather than run the risk of Erskine, I should myself like to nominate from a distance, if that can be done, somebody with Leonora’s vitality and executive ability. I’m sending Jessie a carbon of this part of my note, hoping that you two can think it over and get together.

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