[Letter] 1916 February 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham

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[Letter] 1916 February 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham


Robbins, Jacob
Abbott, Rose Yuster
Ferrer Center (New York, N.Y.)
Ferrer Colony (Stelton, N.J.)


Abbott writes about a possible visit to Markham. Abbott writes about his involvement with the Ferrer Center in New York City, the first Modern School, and the Ferrer Colony in Stelton, New Jersey. Abbott writes about his wife and children, a son Morris, and a baby girl who died.


Abbott, Leonard Dalton, 1878-1953


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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241 East 201st St., New York City.
Feb. 15, 1916.
It is long –too long-- since I have seen you. I have been thinking for some time of coming over to Staten Island to get a glimpse of you and to talk over old times. Now my young friend, Jacob Robbins, who has visited you and whom you know, suggests that we come over to see you this week. Will you be at home on Friday afternoon, and will it be convenient if we come to see you at that time? I know, more or less, what you have been doing. I have read of your return to your native state. My friend, Dr. Llewellyn Lloyd, of Westfield, New Jersey, who visited the Panama-Pacific Exposition, tells me he saw you there. Since I left "Current Opinion” two years ago, I have been pegging away at radical work. I am running the Ferrer Centre in East 107th Street. We have started a Ferrer Colony at Stelton, New Jersey, and we are running a children’s school at the same place. I lived in free union with Rose Yuster for eighteen months, and then married her. We had a little baby girl, who died. Now we have a fine baby boy (eight months old), named Morris after William Morris. Let me hear from you about the proposed visit Friday afternoon. If that time is inconvenient, do not hesitate to tell me so. With affectionate greeting to yourself and to Mrs. Markham, and to Virgil too, if he remembers me, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Leonard D. Abbott
My telephone is 106 Fordham

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