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Volume 18, Number 1

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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts -- 3 The Use of Open Source Docking and Alignment Software to Evaluate the Dangers of Phthalate Induced Endocrine Disruption / Briana Bettencourt and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 3 Effects of Electroconvulsive Seizures on GABA Concentrations in Mouse Models of Autism / Nicholas Buhta -- 4 Microbial Diversity Along Climate Zones in the Atlantic Ocean / Alexis Costa -- 4 Transient Exposure to 450 nm Light alters Phagocytosis by Retinal Pigment Epithelium Without Compromising Viability / Joseph Fabozzi and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 5 The Antimicrobial Effect of Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Grass Oil on Klebsiella Pneumoniae and Enterobacter Aerogenes / Sarah McGee and Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt -- 5 The Effects of Xanthine Derivatives on Tooth Remineralization and its Ability to Defend Against and Remove Staphylococcus Mutans / Sarah McGee, Kayla Diggs, Dr. Christopher Corbo, and Dr. Racquel DeCicco -- 6 Microbial Diversity Off the Antarctic Peninsula / Elizabeth Patton -- 6 Employing Green Chemistry Methods Towards the Synthesis of High Efficiency Organic Dyes / Kelsey Savje and Dr. Racquel DeCicco -- 7 Accessing Diynes Containing Thiocyanate End-Groups En Route towards Polydiacetylenes / Oskar Sundberg -- 7 Inhibition of Serum Amine Oxidase Prevents Polyamine Induced Autophagy: A Cautionary Tale / Kaela Teele -- Section II: The Natural Sciences & Quantitative Analysis -- Full Length Papers -- 11 Fur-babies vs. Babies: A Study on the Consumer Behavior of Dog Owners / Maria Humphries -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 49 Improving Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault on Staten Island / Kathleen Leavey and Angela Zagami -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 61 Balancing Masculinity and Humanity in the Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth / Lindy Pokorny -- 66 “Her Lover, Her Husband, Her Brother, Her Father, Her Child”: Queering Ender Wiggin’s Multi-faceted Identities in Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead / L. Elise Whisler


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Fall 2019


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