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Volume 16, Number 1

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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts --3 The Effect of Listeria Monocytogenes on Amyloid Plaque Build Up and Neurofibrillary Tangle Formation in the Brains of Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Monica Cipriani -- 3 Traumatic Brain Injury as a Disorder of the Connectome / Merrysha Castillo, Dr. Nikolaos Ziogas, Dr. Vassilis E. Koliatsos -- 4 Fluoride in Groundwater in South Eastern Bangladesh / Regina Ismaili, Prof. Sarah Alauddin and Dr. Mohammad Alauddin -- 4 Grafting Organic Molecules to Metal Surfaces through the Reduction of Aryl Diazonium Salts / Helema Tayeh, Anna Cios and Dr. Racquel C. DeCicco -- 5 In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils on Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus / Alexis Dispensa -- 5 Computational Investigation of the Pyrolysis of Polyethylene / Lejla Bolevic and Domenick Palmieri -- 6 Detection of a MET Transcript in the Flatworm Girardia dorotocephala / Theresa Mustacchio and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 6 Characterizing the Role of O-GlcNAcylation in Cardiomyopathy: Constructing a Transgenic Mouse Model / Anthony Tucker-Bartley, Dr. Olurotimi Mesubi, Dr. Mark Anderson -- 7 The Behavioral Effects of Caffeine on Zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Michelle DeTomaso -- 7 Gallyas Staining Method Used to Detect the Presence of Neurofibrillary Tangles and Beta Amyloid Plaques After Traumatic Brain Injury in Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio) / Nicole Bell and Dr. Christopher Corbo -- Section II: The Natural Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 11 The Effect of Oscillating Electromagnetic Fields on the Microorganism Staphylococcus aureus / Shannon Cedeno -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 39 The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in Port Richmond / Nicole Aylmer, Nada Metwally, and Robin Santoro -- 53 The Dakota Access Pipeline: Litigating the Dispute / Vanessa Dailey -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 79 Luca Pacioli, The Father of Accounting / Madison McNichol -- 88 Factors Influencing School Readiness / Cynedra Osinaike -- 111 Internalized Racism and Indoctrinated Religion: Alice Walker’s “Convergence” and The Color Purple / Madison J. Ruff -- 122 Thirty-Nine Million and Counting: The Role that Federalism Played in the HIV/AIDS Crisis / Daniel S. Smith -- 130 Gregor Samsa and Marx’s Alienation of Labor / Rebecca Martin -- 138 Why Adults are Allowed to Say Children Are Best Kept Out of Sight and Out of Mind: A Study on Adult Focused Therapy for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking / Kelly Glenn


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Fall 2017


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