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Volume 15, Number 1

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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts -- 3 Bacterial Infections of the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Swim Bladder / Brandon Hart, Yasmine Khaled, and Dr. Christopher Corbo -- 3 Neurogenesis Observed in the Adult Zebrafish Optic Tectum / Jacob Orvidas and Dr. Christopher Corbo -- 4 Antimicrobial Properties of Clove Oil and Turmeric Against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli / Joseph Agro -- 4 Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Extracts Against Gram-Negative Bacteria / Lauren Alessandro and Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt -- 5 Measurement of Arsenic and Heavy Metals in Groundwater in Bangladesh by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Spectroscopy / Rabije Cekovic and Dr. Mohammad Alauddin -- 5 Effects of Plant Extracts on Gram Negative Bacteria / Kathleen Calves and Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt -- 6 Detection of MET in the Flatworm Girarida dorotocephala Genome / Michelle Detka (Biology) and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 6 The Effects of Diethyl Phthalate on Drosophila melangaster, Studied Through Scanning Electro Microscopy and Developmental Assays / Phillip Necaise -- 7 The Search for a Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor Ortholog in the Flatworm Girarida dorotocephala Genome / Kaitlin Murtha (Biology) and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 7 Comparing Photobehaviors of Genetically Different Populations of the Water Flea Daphnia magna Ordered from Different Biological Supply Companies / Marguerite Langwig, Dr. Donald Stearns, and Dr. Jonathan Blaize -- 8 Digital Microscopic Photographic Series of Adult Zebrafish Cerebellum, Horizontal Series / Emily Bovasso, Dr. Christopher Corbo, and Dr. Zoltan Fulop -- 8 Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Investigate Interactions between Fullerenes and Amyloid Proteins / James Catalano and Dr. Arun Sharma -- 9 Chemistry in the Aerosol Interfacial Region: A Computational Study / Tyler Cropley, Gent Prelvukaj, and Dr. Arun Sharma -- 9 Racial Preference and Self-Identification in Latino Children / Kelsey Hopland (Chemistry) and Dr. Amy Eshleman -- 10 Survey of Molds in Different Seasonal Climates and Environments / Amanda Pavia and Amanda Weinberg -- Section II: The Natural Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 15 Detection of MET in the Flatworm Girarida Dorotocephala Genome / Michelle Detka -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 59 Reaping the Benefits of Racial and Ethnic Diversity: The Competitive Advantage for Top Level Management / Kadijah Singleton -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 81 From Riots to Organizations: New York City’s Role in the Gay Rights Movement / Christine Shouldis -- 97 Anthropological Effects on Business Operations / Erynn Tuerk -- 112 Anti-German Sentiment in New York City During the World Wars / Kristen Whitaker -- 130 The Effect of Storytelling in Isabel Allende’s Eva Luna / Alexandra Dmytrow


Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


Fall 2016


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