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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts -- 3 Computational Modeling and Thermodynamic Trends for a Family of Palladium Antimicrobial Agents / Joseph R. Persichetti, Valeria A. Stepanova, and Joseph K. West -- 3 Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Limitations of Novel Transition Metal-Based Remedies / Lynn Tay, Christopher Corbo, and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 4 Pilot Study of Science Apathy Intervention in Public Elementary Schools on Staten Island / Noura Hassan, Jennifer Lauria, and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 4 Neural Synchrony of Cortical Regions Devoted to Spatial and Auditory Components of Working Memory in Musicians / Philip Fomina and Laurence J. Nolan -- 5 Missing High Energy Afterglows of Gamma-ray Bursts / Carrie E. Holt, J. Racusin, and D. Kocevski -- 6 An Analysis of the Fibonacci Sequence / Daniela DiMeglio, Dr. Raths, and Dr. Shahvar -- 6 Duration of Golf Ball From Initial Impact / Leobardo N. Dominguez and Dr. Otto Raths -- 6 The Biodiversity of Algae in Staten Island Lakes with Response to Seasonal Change, Lake Size, Lake Depth, and Sunlight / Gregory M. Forsyth and Dr. Brian Palestis -- 7 Phototactic Responses of the Water Flea Daphnia magna to Different Light Intensities of 520-nm and 690-nm Light / Salma Metwally and Donald E. Stearns -- 7 Comparison of the Population Growth of Oral Bacterial Colonies When Introduced to Popular Brand Toothpastes / Thomas K. Nolan and Kathleen A. Bobbitt -- 8 The Effect of Na+/H+ Exchanger 6 on Tau Protein Aggregation / Pakinam Mekki, Hari Prasad, Kalyan Kondapalli, Ph.D., and Rajini Rao, Ph.D. -- 8 Thermodynamic versus Kinetic Control in the Syntheses of Amino Acid Derivatives of Cyclopalladated Complexes / Samantha G. DeStefano and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 9 Analyzing the Effect of the Putative Endocrine Disrupting Chemical, Dipentyl Phthalate on the Development and Viability of Male and Female Drosophila Melanogaster / Kristiana R. Kalibat, Heather A. Cook, Zoltan L. Fulop, and Donald E. Stearns -- 10 Photobehavioral Responses of Daphnia magna to Selected Light Cues / Thomas Maher, Daniel Zaccariello, and Donald E. Stearns -- 10 Study of Thermodynamic Properties of Cyclopalladated Complexes Bearing Fatty Acid Auxiliaries / Saad Idrees, Valeria A. Stepanova, and Joseph K. West -- 11 Spectrual Sensitivity of Daphnia magna at Four Selected Wavelengths (470, 490, 630, 650 nm) / Samantha L. Kyvik, Rayna A. Silva, and Donald E. Stearns -- 11 The Effects of Dolasetron and Dapoxetine on the Feeding Behavior of Larval Yellow Fever Mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) / Enri Citozi, Edward M. Medina, and Horst Onken -- 12 Digital Microphotographic Atlas of the Adult Zebrafish Cerebellum / Kristen M. Lee, Megan B. Landy, Ashton Cline, Christopher Corbo, and Zoltan Fulop -- 12 Analysis of Oxidation Site Preferences in P-bridged Cyclodiphosphazanes / Rabije Cekovic and Joseph K. West -- 13 The Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Dimethylphthalate on the Model Organism Drosophila melanogaster / Sara Mfarrej and Dr. Heather Cook -- 13 Comparison of Transition Metal-Based Antimicrobial Agents and Traditional Aseptic Techniques / Joseph D. Cuomo, Christopher Corbo, and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 14 Comparison of Solvent-Free and Traditional Approaches to Palladium and Cobalt Complexes of Bis(carboxymethy)trithiocarbonate / Colleen N. Withers, Joseph K. West, and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 14 Development and Molecular Analysis of L. monocytogenes Infecting the Central Nervous System of the Adult Zebrafish / Cira Cardaci, Monica Cipriani, Corey E. Gaylets, and Christopher P. Corbo 15 The Effects of Leaf Size and Misting on the Reproductive Success of the Lemur Frog, Agalychnis lemur, in Captivity / Karina Roinestad, Patrick Connelly, Cathy Eser, and Dr. Christopher Corbo -- 15 The Physics of Golf / Jason A. Hopkins and Otto Raths -- 16 Composite Gel Electrophoresis Resolves Large Human Lung Glycoproteins (Mucins) that Control Lung Inflammation / Melanie Krongold, Steve M. Fernandes, Anabel Gonzalez Gil, HuiFeng Yu, Yadong Wei, and Dr. Ronald L. Schnaar -- 16 Study of Complex Formation of Palmitic Acid and Transition Metals using Experimental & Computation Approaches / James P. Catalano, Joseph K. West, and Valeria A. Stepanova -- 17 Use of Morphological Techniques to Detect and Analyze Listeria monocytogenes in the Optic Tectum of Adult Zebrafish / Brandon J. Kocurek, Anthony P. Spano, Corey E. Gaylets, and Christopher P. Corbo -- Section II: The Natural Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 21 Composite Gel Electrophoresis Resolves Large Human Lung Glycoproteins (Mucins) that Control Lung Inflammation / Melanie Elizabeth Krongold -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 43 Distinguishing Trauma: An Analysis of Those Interred in the Tombs at Huacas De Moche / Nicholas C. Gibaldi -- 63 Changes in the Media Landscape: The Impact of Globalization and Widespread Internet Access on Free Press and Media Rights / Katelynn Rusnock -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 81 Providing a Framework forJust War in United States Foreign Policy: A Case Study of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq / Kristen Matteoni -- 103 Stevens, Nietzsche, and Collective Enunciation / Joseph Messano -- 113 William McKinley and the Spanish-American War / Ian Bertschausen -- 125 “Time’s Injurious Hand”: The Destructiveness of Time in Shakespeare’s Sonnets 63, 64, 65 / Thomas Scarcella -- 131 Federico Fellini’s La Strada: Brutality, Fragility and the Search for Identity in Post-War Italy / Francesca Catanzariti -- 139 No Man Will Define Bone: Self-Determined Identity in Bastard Out of Carolina / Jessica Roberts -- 146 The Art of the Harlemite / Lena Ayechemi


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Fall 2014


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