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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts -- 2 Comparing Intracardial Perfusion Fixation and Immersion Fixation in the Adult Zebrafish Brain Ultrastructure / Letizia M. Hobbs, Vincenzo DiMaggio, Christopher Corbo, Prof. Linda Raths and Dr. Zoltan Fulop -- 2 Integrating Materials Science into Middle School Science Programs / Kimberly Farrell and Racquel Campo -- 3 Duplications, Position Effect, and the Phenotypic Changes Associated with Bar-Eye Mutations in Drosophila Melanogaster / Irena De Mario and Dr. Ammini Moorthy -- 4 A Statistical Analysis of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index / Maris Reutzel -- 4 Jury Bias: The Effects of Race, Sex, and Physical Attractiveness on Jury Sentencing / Elicia Enriquez and Dr. Amy Eshleman -- 5 Hydrothermal Crystal Growth of ZnO / Jennifer Hart and Dr. Maria Gelabert -- 5 Crossing the Burning Sands: A Social Psychological Investigation of Hazing / Christianna Gozzi and Dr. Amy Eshleman -- 6 Racial Bias: Do We Love Ourselves or Just Hate Everyone Else? / Daniel Bryant -- 7 Virtual Screening and Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Melatonin Rhythm Enzyme / Margarita Javoroncov , L. Szewczuk, Dr. Surajit Ganguly , Dr. S.A. Saldanha, Dr. R. Abagyan , and Dr. Philip A. Cole -- 8 Cloning jadR1 -jadR2 Intergenic Region Of Jadomycin Biosynthesis Cluster In Streptomyces Venezuelae / Yevgeniy Statnikov and Dr. Roy H. Mosher -- 8 The Effects of Varying Ethyl Alcohol Concentrations on Zebrafish Development: A Morphological Study / Lauren Maltese, Christopher Corbo, Prof. Linda Raths, and Dr. Zoltan Fulop -- 9 Activation of Microglial Toll-like Receptors Increases Uptake & Degradation of Amyloid Beta in Vitro / Emily Babcock-Petrus, Daniel Kerr, Dr. George S. Merz and Dr. Daryl Spinner -- 10 The Relationship between Perfectionism and Sleep Difficulties / Laura J. Kohberger and Dr. Steve M. Jenkins -- 10 Rhodococcus equi: Spore or Non-Spore Former? / Michael Bois, Mouhammed Halwani, Edmond Kurtovic, Dr. Kathleen Bobbitt -- 11 Effect of Various Ethanol Concentrations on the Shoaling Behavior of Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) / Anastasia Kurta -- 11 The Effect of Caloric Density on Conditioned Taste Preferences of Caffeinated Beverages / Alfred Raccuia and Dr. Laurence J. Nolan -- Section II: The Natural Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 14 Invention and Application of a Stereotaxic Apparatus for Adult Zebrafish Brain Surgery / Letizia M. Hobbs, Edmund C. Jenkins, Christopher P. Corbo, Prof. Linda Raths and Dr. Zoltan Fulop -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 34 Crossing the Burning Sands: A Social Psychological Investigation of Hazing / Christianna Gozzi -- 55 Personal Communication Styles in Organizations / Joseph Pantone -- 60 The Relationship between Stereotype Threat and Performance on a Standardized Test: Why Minority Students Do Not Perform As Well As Caucasian Students / Kim Costa -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 68 Language and Paralanguage: Music and Art as Communication in the Law of Love / Valerie O’Donnell -- 75 Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Science in Secondary Schools / Alexandra Mercil -- 91 Hiding the Issue: Generation over Race in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? / Holly Walker -- 101 Teaching Multiplication and Division in Fun and Innovative Ways / Erin Volsario


Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


Fall 2007


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