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Section I: Eastern Colleges Science Conference -- Abstracts -- 2 Redefining Love: The Interrelations Between Love, Attachment Styles and the Triangular Theory of Romantic Relationships / Jaime T. Carreno -- 2 Deep Aquifer Water as Alternate Drinking Water Source in Arsenic Affected Area of Bangladesh / Margaret Fiasconaro, Sarah Alauddin and Dr. Mohammad Alauddin -- 3 Aircraft Icing: An Experimental Study / Nicolas Rada and Dr. Gregory J. Falabella -- 3 Effect of Complexing Agent on TIO2 Hydrothermal Crystal Growth / Dawn Pothier and Dr. Maria C. Gelabert -- 4 The Effect of Fat Content Label on Food Intake / Joanna Ferreri and Dr. Laurence J. Nolan -- 4 Ion Chromatography Analysis of Deep Aquifer Water from Arsenic Affected Areas of Bangladesh / Sarah Alauddin, Margaret Fiasconaro and Dr. Mohammad Alauddin -- 5 Transcardial Perfusion of Zebrafish Brain / Matthew W. Gray, Adam James, Prof. Linda Raths and Dr. Zoltan L. Fulop -- 5 Hydrothermal Crystal Growth of Zinc Oxide Via Coordination Chemistry / Dana M. Romano and Dr. Maria C. Gelabert -- 6 Pluto: Captured Comet or Legitimate Planet / Michelle Bingham and Dr. Gregory J. Falabella -- 6 Validation of the Folk Remedy Garlic (Allium Sativum) in Wound Healing / Katherine LaChance, Christopher Hart and Dr. Ellen Perry -- 6 The Relationship Between Teachers’ Physical Attractiveness and Student Ratings of Their Effectiveness / Kerri Doran -- 7 An Experimental Study of Shoaling Behavior In ZebraFish (Danio Rerio) / Janette Lebron, Dr. Brian G. Palestis and Dr. Zoltan Fulop / 7 Physiological Responses to Guided Relaxation / Teresa Jackson, Carolyn Palinkas, Robert Liberto, ParamPreet Ghuman, Dr. Zohreh Shahvar and Dr. Zoltan Fulop -- 8 Alcohol-Induced Malformations in Zebrafish Embryos: Zebrafish as a Model Animal to Study Fetal Alcohol Syndrome / Jacqueline Whittenburg and Renee Sudol -- Section II: The Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 10 Investigation of Iron (III)-based MRI Contrast Agents / Maryanne Gaul -- 20 Pluto: Captured Comet or Legitimate Planet? / Michelle Bingham -- 26 Autism and the MMR Vaccination / Stephanie Capasso -- Section III: The Social Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 36 The Effects of Conscious Sedation on Anxiety in Oral Surgery Patients / Dina Gramegna -- 43 Redefining Love: The Interrelations between Love, Attachment Styles and the Triangular Theory of Romantic Relationships / Jaime T. Carreno -- 53 Memory: Effects of One’s Gender on Memory Retention / Nicole Gaeta -- 59 GPA and Study Habits: The Relationship between Study-Habits and Grade Point Average in College Students / Jenny Ludvigsen -- Section IV: Critical Essays -- Full Length Papers -- 68 Van Gogh and Gauguin / Kimberly Kopko -- 76 Housewife to an Empowered War Hero: The Feministic Transformation of the Disney Princesses / Kimberly Litto -- 86 Why Rules are Made to be Broken: The Establishment and Destruction of the Institution in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Ender’s Shadow / Paula Casill


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Fall 2003


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