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Section I: The Natural Sciences -- Full Length Papers -- 3 Winning Lotto Numbers: Pure Chance or Hidden Bias / Randye Shanfeld and Dr. Gregory J. Falabella -- 25 Behavioral Assay to Determine Photosensitivity of Early-Stage Nauplii of the Brine Shrimp Artemia Franciscana / Christina M. Owens and Dr. Donald E. Stearns -- 45 Increased Functionality and Copy Protection for Online Images: Dynamic Flash Images and the Web / Jason W. Nadal and Dr. Adrian Ionescu -- Technical Notes -- 63 Speciation of Arsenic Metabolic Intermediates in Human Urine by Ion-Exchange Chromatography and Flow Injection Hydride GenerationAtomic Absorption Spectrometry / Sarah Alauddin and Dr. Mohammad Alauddin -- Abstracts/Extended Abstracts -- 69 Popcorn PVP Induced by Purified PVP / Dawn Pothier and Dr. Susan Tseng -- 70 Hydrothermal Growth of Iron Sulfide Crystals / Richard Moses and Dr. Maria Gelabert -- 71 Gases and Thermostatistics / Steven R. Corn, Randye Shanfeld and Dr. Gregory J. Falabella --73 Experimental Analysis of the Hydrolysis of Vinylpyrrolidone by Gas / Maryanne Gaul, Dr. Brian Palestis and Dr. Susan Tseng -- 74 Numerical Simulation of Free Convection / Peter Herbst and Dr. Gregory J. Falabella -- 76 Speciation of Arsenic Sediment Leachate by Solid Phase Extraction and Flow Injection Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry / Margaret Fiasconaro and Dr. Mohammed Alauddin -- 77 Growth Kinetics of NiSO4≅7H2O Crystals / Luther Schaeffer and Dr. Maria Gelabert


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Fall 2002


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