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Senior Recital


Dido and Aeneas - Oft She Visits This Lov’d Mountain (1:53 minutes)
J.S. Bach- Ich wünschte mir den Tod-Cantata 57 (5:15 minutes)
Roger Quilter-June (2:41 minutes)


Sylvia Maisonet performed her senior recital on April 12th 2017 in Wagner’s Music Performance Center. This recital was divided into two sections, the first including music of the baroque which includes two early cantatas accompanied by a small baroque ensemble which included flute, violins, viola, harpsichord and cello. The second portion of the recital explores different moments in opera and art song that Sylvia has studied at Wagner. The second portion of the recital was accompanied by pianist Glenn Kaiser. Sylvia’s repertoire changed multiple times before the final list was decided, and she was greatly helped by her voice coach, Janet Pranschke, who is an expert on vocal health and the anatomy of the vocal tract. Having performed a shared junior recital and additional full recital the year before, Sylvia had experience with writing programs and performing for long periods of time. The challenge with her senior recital was to maintain the correct vocal technique for each of the styles of music she sang, so as to not tire or strain her voice.
Sylvia rehearsed daily at Wagner and in her home off campus to ensure that her repertoire and research were ready to be presented at her recital. Maintaining vocal health was important and just as important was the research. Sylvia used the Wagner library for references to books about J.S Bach and Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, the composers for her two most challenging pieces. Sylvia wrote many of the translations in her program. Many translations on the internet are literal word for word translations and Sylvia interpreted them by moving words around to better make sense of what the original authors meant.
Each week Sylvia focused on certain sections of her program and worked on diction, interpretation of the texts, vocal style, technique, staging, and pitch. Since her early music would be played by the orchestra a half a step down, she learned how to transpose her music fluently at the piano and how to improve her vocal technique when singing above so many other instruments. The program included a duet with another soprano who Sylvia rehearsed with at least once a week. The dress rehearsal for her recital spanned two days, including one day rehearsing with the orchestra at the Juilliard School. The second day included a full run through of the music accompanied by piano, with staging, exits, entrances, and bows. Sylvia dedicated about 220 hours to her senior recital. These hours do not include the time Sylvia dedicated to other musical commitments on and off campus.


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Dido and Aeneas - Oft She Visits This Lov’d Mountain - 1:53 minutes
J.S. Bach- Ich wünschte mir den Tod-Cantata 57 - 5:15 minutes
Roger Quilter-June - 2:41 minutes



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