[Letter] 1945 March 2, France [to] Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton

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[Letter] 1945 March 2, France [to] Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton


Betancourt, Frank
Holmstrup, Roy Eric


Reynolds writes of his appreciation for a wonderful evening spent with friends before they departed for the service. He expresses hope that he will return safely after the war. He asks about some fellow students and talks briefly of France.


Reynolds, Frank


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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March 2nd 45
(Somewhere in France)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton,
Well, I find myself quite some distance from "ole" Wagner. Tis amazing how far a man can travel in such a short period of time. It seems just yesterday, that I was up at school enjoying a pleasant conversation with you. While on the topic of visiting Wagner, I would like to extend my full appreciation for such a marvelous evening. My (excuse) buddies and I frequently reminisce that evening before our departure to the world unknown to us. I reiterate that that night at Wagner will never leave my feeble cranium. If and when this crisis is over I'm

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planning to visit you again. Of course, I'm optimistic about my coming back, but I plan on returning. It really will be a glorious day when all the boys come stompeding home. But that day in the soldiers' eyes seems years away. Yes, in the papers the news looks very bright and promising to the civilians and they take it that the war is practically over. The men over here don't think in the same channels as do the civilian. But I hope their optomism is 100% correct.
I heard yesterday, that Frankie Betancourt has been discharged. I'm glad to hear that. Have any of the other boys been up to the school lately? I sure would like to see or hear

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from Roy Holmstrup. He really is a good boy. If you happened to have his address I'd certainly apreciate it if you will send it to me.
Well, all I can say is that I've seen too much of France in the few months I've been here. Another thing I believe the geography books I studied back in grade school lied because I never thought France was like this.
Duty is waiting so I'd better sign off with, hope to hear from you.
Former student

P.S. Excuse writing and spelling conditions aren't the best.

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Reynolds, Frank, “[Letter] 1945 March 2, France [to] Mr. & Mrs. Stoughton,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed October 2, 2022, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16352.