[Letter] 1942 October 4, Fort Jackson, S.C. [to] Prof

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[Letter] 1942 October 4, Fort Jackson, S.C. [to] Prof


Accetola, Charles
Staten Island Advance


Olwig thanks Stoughton for writing. Writes what he knows of other Wagner students in service. Writes articles for the Advance, but does not receive the paper. Tells of his current work as a technician in operating rooms and of his promotion to Sergeant.


Olwig, Robert Adolph


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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56th General Hospital
Fort Jackson, S.C.
Oct.4, 1942

Dear Prof,
Your long letter, which I am so belatedly acknowledging, was a delightful surprise, and I am grateful for all the news contained therein and even more grateful for the fact that you took time out to write me. I hear from Wagner so seldomly, - not that I should complain, you all hear from me so seldomly.
I was interested to learn from you that Charlie Accettola is in, but did he join the Army or Navy? Last time I was home I ran into him, and he was debating which way to turn. He sort of favored the Navy, but I advised joining the Army, contending he'd get more practice if he were given an assignment in a combat area. In the Navy, when a ship is hit, it's "boom" and then all over - no need for a doctor.
The news about the dean I had heard, but I thought he was planning to go into khaki. His leaving school sure is a great loss for Wagner. I think, though, especially if he gets sea duty, that it will be a great experience for him.
Recently I found a Columbia Journalism alumnus sleeping three beds away from me, but I never run across anyone from Wagner anymore. The last time was in December in Denver. I got into a rather nasty verbal fight with someone in a basketball dressing room - and then found him putting on a sweatshirt on which was emblazoned in green, "Wagner Memorial Lutheran College"! To everyone's amazement we walked off arm in arm. Name was

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[Lumpton], I believe; from N.J., a football player. I think he's overseas now.
I had to laugh at your "knowledge" that I get The Advance regularly. I don't. Don't even see all the articles I write. 'Twas Dan's advice that I don't get the paper. "Don't try to live two lives at once," he said.
It's "Sergeant Olwig" now, by the way. "Technician Fourth Grade" to be more exact. For training I work as a circulating technician in operating rooms at Station Hospital, but right now we've been called out to assist in training some new men.
Plase drop me a line some time again, I am, and regards to Mrs. Stoughton and to Marguerite. By the way, how is my old meteorology professor? I had heard he was ill.
Bob Olwig

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Olwig, Robert Adolph, “[Letter] 1942 October 4, Fort Jackson, S.C. [to] Prof,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed September 30, 2022, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16346.