[Letter] 1944 October [to] President Stoughton

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[Letter] 1944 October [to] President Stoughton




Meyer writes of his intentions to become a preacher after the war. He will not return to Wagner as he would like to be near his mother and hopes to get married. He will take extension courses which he hopes can be credited to a degree from Wagner.


Meyer, Robert H.


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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Cpl. R.H. Meyer 12169499
7th Bomb. Main. Sqdn.
A.P.O. 215
c/o Pm. N.Y., N.Y.
Dear President Stoughton,
Although I may have been very wrong in doing so, I wrote to Dr. Hinman first; about a month ago. At that time I had not actually formulated any ideas as to what I should do in the post-war world. Since then however, I've drawn up in my mind a more definite idea of what I shall do to realize my lifes ambition, namely to preach the Word of God as I see it. I feel there will be a great need for real moral reformers, after this holocaust which now envelops our world. But greater still I feel as if I am promised or consecrated to the Work of the Lord here on this earth.

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My first rather startling statement to make, is that I do not care to re enter Wagner College. My reason for this is maybe you'd say is three fold. 1. I would like to be near my Mother in her last years, for she has sacrificed much for my sake, 2. I would like to be occupied with some sort of gainful employment while attending an extension course at a reputable school, and 3. I would like to get married to an excellent Lutheran girl from my home church. These reasons may appear to be selfish to you in lieu of my lack of time in preparation for this course of life, but I feel they are only justified because I wish to grasp any small happinesses which may come my way.

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Altho I do not have the money this present month I expect to commence taking an extension course in the Army, in Philosophy, from the University of California, which has been highly recommended to me. If any credits are due to me from this course, will you kindly accept them at Wagner towards a degree. If in the event you cannot, please inform me. It may take me years to comlete my work, but since I've such an ardent desire to enter the ministry, I hope you'll bear with me. Have resigned myself to the fact that it'll be a tough struggle, but with the girl I hope to marry the road should be smoothed out, at least a little.
If I can possibly find time I'll write to Rev. Hine or Dr. White

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concerning the financial situation.
How are Don and Jean coming these days? Don had ought to be entering College soon, eh? Is he going to attend Wagner or some foreign school. (By foreign I do not mean out of this country). Kindly give my regards to Mrs. Stoughton and I hope for the days when we may see much of each other once more.
I am quite well again after two sieges of Malaria. We're somewhere in India, but if you'd like more full details, please write Mother.
Hoping this letter finds you all in excellent health so with God's blessings I remain,
Bob Meyer

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