[Letter] 1944 September 17, France [to] Prof

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[Letter] 1944 September 17, France [to] Prof




Larsen writes that he is looking forward to returning home and hopes the war ends soon. He misses the Christian influence from Wagner but finds time to read the Bible. Also says they received a warm welcome from the French people.


Larsen, Harold


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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346 Signal Co. Wing
A.P.O. 650
c/o PM. New York
Sept 17, 1944
Somewhere in France
Dear Prof,
Your letter of August 23 greeted me a few days ago and surely it was good to hear from you. As you see by the heading of this letter I have taken another step and perhaps before long I shall be taking that step for home again.
Your letter was every bit full of encouragement. If I can get back into the environment I used to know before too much time elapses I may ascend that goal triumphantly. With the grace of God all this

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turmoil may end soon and enable us to get back into chosen fields - Time is the important thing.
Religion becomes neglected considerable while one is in the service, but if one is steadfast in his belief it increases in abundance his appreciation for Christian precepts - I really miss the Christian influence I was so accustom to back home. One thing seems quite clear to me and that is I want to go back to college. Right now we have our communcations set up in our pyramidal tent, Don and myself, so we are more or less on our own.

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We do our own cooking and things of that sort. Being just two of us affords me more quiet time to concentrate on different passages from the Bible. It is very seldom that a Protestant Chaplain is in the vicinity - I can count the number of times I have attended service on my fingers, but nevertheless I try to set aside some time each Sunday that I may turn again to those once familiar passages.
Since I arrived here on d day things have progressed rapidly - The newspapers undoubtedly keep you well posted on the events that

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are taking place. The French people gave us a warm welcome. Handshaking seems to be the custom here in France and I can't begin to count the number of hands I have shaken. Along with this hospitality goes fresh eggs and milk which really is a treat to any G.I. overseas!
Thanks again for taking time out for me - Hope this note finds you all in the best of spirit.
With Every Good Wish,

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Larsen, Harold, “[Letter] 1944 September 17, France [to] Prof,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed November 28, 2023, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16333.