[Letter ca. 1942] Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, Calif. [to] Dr. Stoughton

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[Letter ca. 1942] Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, Calif. [to] Dr. Stoughton


Kleintop, Milton
Blanchard, Frederic T. (Frederic Thomas), 1878-. The art of composition.


Klare writes of various health and money issues facing him and his family and expresses concern about paying what he owes to Wagner. He also requests a copy of the book by Blanchard used in his first-year English class by Professor Kleintop.


Klare, Edwin


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library


Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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3 Platoon - Co. “A”
385 Port Bu T.C.
Camp Stoneman
Pittsburg, Calif.
Dear Dr. Stoughton,
First I will have to ask you to excuse the appearance of this letter. Writing facilities are very limited so I must write on the top of my bed. I guess from your experience during the last war that you can appreciate the difficulty of writing letters.
A long time has passed since I first wrote to you but as you can see from my new address a long distance has come between us and many new experiences have kept me tired in body and mind.
My thoughts are often with Wagner and the trying times she will face along with the rest of the world. And because the year I spent with her meant so much to me my prayers are always for the survival as the institution I knew her to be – dedicated to the highest ideals of Christian education.
When I last spoke to you I told you of all the money I had spent on my eye. I am sure you believed me but if any of the trustees of the college should desire it I could send them a list of the doctors I had treat me and the money that was spent. I told you too of the large sum that was spent and still is being spent in an effort to restore my brothers baby that was stricken with sleeping sickness.
At the time I entered the army I took out the full $10,000 worth of

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insurance. I made my mother the beneficiary of the policy and she has in turn agreed to assign a certain sum of that to Wagner should I lose my life during the war. In the meantime however I am going to try to send at intervals certain – shall I say – token sums which I hope will be acceptable in the spirit I shall make them in.
The transportation outfit I am in is going to be trained to unload ships at various points where supply lines are necessary which means almost anywhere I guess; and I do not think many more weeks will pass before we embark. I would ask one favor if I may and this is my desire to get a copy of the book we used in first year English. It was called “The Art of Composition” by Blanchard. The intellectual life almost seems stifled at times and I yearn to use it for something that will give me some pleasure. Prof. Kleintop made the use of that book so interesting I know that I shall profit from it and at the same time keep a grasp on my real self that often must be submerged and subjugated for the work that must be done for the common good. Perhaps some student would be willing to handle the matter for me. If that can be arranged upon being told the cost I will mail a money order and then the book can be sent to me.
Please remember me to all the professors especially to Prof. Kleintop to whom I owe so much for his tireless effort to show us the truth and beauty that can be found in the life of learning and honest thought.
Edwin Klare

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Klare, Edwin, “[Letter ca. 1942] Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, Calif. [to] Dr. Stoughton,” Wagner College Archives and Special Collections, accessed October 2, 2022, https://wagnercollections.omeka.net/items/show/16319.