[Letter] 1945 May 26, Arlington, Va. [to] Prof

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[Letter] 1945 May 26, Arlington, Va. [to] Prof


Holmstrup, Christian P.
Russia. International relations.


Dunham says he wishes he could have been present when the Wagner community was giving testimonials and saying farewell to Stoughton. He writes of his family life in Arlington. He also says he wishes to discuss international affairs, particularly relating to Russia, with Stoughton.


Dunham, Harold Hathaway


Wagner College Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

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2815 S. Abingdon St.
Arlington, VA
26 May 1945
Dear Prof-
I would like to have been present at the Chapel service when the testimonies to your work at Wagner and in the community were given, for I could have added considerable of my own version to what Martini and others said. Frankly, I don’t care for farewells, but I do believe in recognizing outstanding service such as you have given. Anyone who has the worthy goal which you had, one that required constant striving because it was an ever advancing goal, also deserves recognition, and I’m sure this phase of your life must have received recognition from the speakers, too. I’m sure that your ideal of Christian service, your understanding of people and your practical approach to dealing with people will continue to accomplish much in the new work you have chosen. Despite this, I’m sure education is losing one of its real leaders and it seems to me that it can’t afford such losses now.
The other day I had lunch with Capt. Chris Holmstrup and he spoke of the long chat he and Dorothy had with you. It was good to hear his impressions of you and the college. I was also slightly amused by the present barnstorming of his brother Ray,

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who, he told me, is travelling around the country in a B-17 for no particular purpose. I wonder how much my little extra purchase of war bonds contributes to the expense of such a jaunt.
The family remains well and the children are certainly growing up. Joan now attends a young people’s group meeting each Saturday night where dancing is a main attraction. Lydia and I sit up to wait for her to come home, unless it’s our turn with other fathers, taking alternate turns, to go and fetch her. Betsy finds the children of the “court” on which we live her chief delight. Lydia, I guess, gets a little fed up with the routine of the life here. It’s a combination of war-time tensions and raising a family, I guess, that make up something of a strain. She never tires, however, of the National Art Gallery in Washington.
I’d like to discuss certain aspects of the international situation with you. If any real clash with Russia comes I judge it will be over groups and policies in China and that presents no easy problem to solve. But there are plenty of incidental problems. I am particularly interested in watching Russian policy in Germany. I profoundly hope that some sort of unified organization can be worked out for dealing with Germany so that both the necessary punishment and reconstruction, including education in its broad sense, can go on.
If you’re ever in Washington in your travels, give me a ring at the Pentagon for it doesn’t seem that I’ll get to S.I. soon. Our regards to Hilda and best wishes to you in your new work.

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