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[Letter] 1901 August 6, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes about starting "The Comrade" and asks Markham for a poem for the first issue. Abbott also writes about his holiday spent in the Adirondacks, Chicago, Buffalo, and at the Indianapolis Socialist Convention.

[Letter] 1905 March 21, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes to Markham about Clara von Ende Liebmann and her creation of a School of Music in New York's East Side. Abbott describes the lessons, the cost and the pupils at the school. Abbott explains Liebmann's family history as well. Abbott tells…

[Letter ca. 1907] May 20, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott thanks Markham for a poem sent to him, praises the poem for being the finest picture of modern Mammonism, and calls it a masterpiece. Abbott also praises Markham for standing by Herron in his time of need.

[Letter] Tuesday [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes to apologize for not making it to a reception held by Markham.

[Letter] 1909 September 9 [to] Mrs. Markham

Abbott sends Mrs. Markham a photograph from the Westfield lunch party. Abbott also writes of Earle and is disheartened that Markham's name was mixed up in the situation.

[Letter] 1930 April 22 [to] Edwin Markham

Abbott writes to wish Markham a happy birthday. Abbott writes also to tell Markham about his involvement in two groups, The Bronx Free Fellowship and the Poetry Society.

[Letter] 1907 February 20 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes to Markham concerning a visit to Monroe to visit Ferdinand Earle. He discusses train schedules and states that Stokes and Spargo will be joining them.

[Letter] 1907 May 27 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott thanks Markham for a birthday gift. Abbott writes of a Monday Lunch Club and asks Markham to join. Abbott also writes about a visit to Earle in Monroe with Viereck.

[Letter] 1908 January 7 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott is forwarding a letter from Mrs. Henry S[?]. Markham's presence is requested in Philadelphia at a reception that would involve many different types of people. Abbott stresses that Markham does not have to attend if he does not feel like it but…

[Letter] 1907 September 19 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes to Markham about Ferdinand Earle leaving his wife for another woman and mentions other famous men who have done the same, or have gone through a divorce. Abbott also mentions an article he wrote on Viereck for Book News Monthly.