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[Letter] 1918 September 2 [to] Mr. Markham

Viereck provides Markham with the first annual report of the Agricultural and Industrial Labor Relief. Viereck writes about the financial and public hardhips facing the organization.

[Letter] 1914 May 23, Baltimore [to] friend & comrade

Tester thanks Markham for agreeing to look over some of his poems. He writes of his hope to write more poems and asks Markham to send some of his own poetry for Tester to read.

[Letter] 1940 June 19 [to] Dr. Hampton

Narodny writes to Dr. Hampton about selling an article on Markham. He also writes of other letters he has from Markham that may be valuable.

[Letter] 1917 April 18 [to] Mrs. Markham

Ivan Narodny thanks Mrs. Markham for her note and invitation. He asks whether he may bring Professor Kouznetzoff as well and writes of his hopes for an upcoming trip to Russia.

[Letter] 1908 September 7 [to] Comrade

Moyer sends Markham a copy of "Songs of Socialism" in which he has written music for various poems including "Brotherhood" by Markham.

[Letter] 1917 July 13 [to] Mr. Markham

Man sends Markham payment for the Christian Socialist Fellowship expenses. He also writes about hopes to keep the New York City Center up and running, even though members are involved in other socialist organizations.

[Letter] Friday [to] Brother

Le Prade writes to Markham about ideas for helping the children. She also asks him to pray for both her and the Poets' Garden and looks forward to his upcoming visit.

[Letter] undated [to Mrs. Markham]

Le Prade sends an order for autographed copies of Markham's various works. She writes about the people in California being pleased that they can get such copies.

[Letter] 1933 Thanksgiving [to] Beloved "Edwin of the Song"

Le Prade praises Markham for his work. She writes of various events in the Poet's Garden and looks forward to Markham's visit in January. She also writes of her hope that Markham move back to California and suggests a course on the poetry of Markham…

[Letter] 1933 August 20, Los Angeles, California [to] Beloved Edwin Markham, Great Poet, World Brother, Precious Friend

Le Prade praises Markham for his work and his friendship and the joy his work has brought to her life. She thanks him for his portraits and looks forward to meeting him again.