Servicemen killed or missing in action

Lt. A.H. Pentz, Army Flier, is Missing<br />

Lieutenant Arthur Pentz is reported missing in action.

Mother of Missing Flier Given His Wagner Degree<br />

Mrs. Robert H. Pentz accepts a Wagner College degree on behalf of her son, Lieutenant Arthur H. Pentz, who is missing is action and presumed to be a German prisoner of war.

Ex-Wagner Student Dies on Italy Front<br />

Captain Harry Montgomery, Class of 1935, is killed while serving in Italy.

West Brighton Seaman is Killed in Action<br />

Seaman First Class Edward Labedz is killed in action while serving with the United States Navy.

Navigator is Missing in Action<br />

Lieutenant Anthony Massa is reported missing in action after a bombing mission over Europe.

Lost Heroes
Servicemen killed or missing in action