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This archive contains materials from Wagner’s annual ‘Senior Presentations.’ This event honors outstanding students from each discipline who completed their Senior Learning Community project with excellence. The work is representative of Wagner’s highest standards, and is exemplary of the diversity of subject matter, public-facing scholarship, and civic-minded professionalism our students have attained through their four years here. These students were specially invited to present their work in a formal setting, traditionally the day of Baccalaureate. Students are encouraged to present their work in a format appropriate for their discipline, and so, the presentations vary in their format. Some might be in the form of a short video, or paper abstracts, while others might be posters or music clips. We expect this archive to serve as a resource for generations to come. Congratulations to our Seniors!


2017 -

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Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

Collection Items

2020-nursing-Arslani Simonetti Verga.pdf

Arslani, Dina
Simonetti, Kristi
Verga, Jessica
2020-nursing-DiCaprio Falcone Randazzo.pdf

DiCaprio, Briann
Falcone, Alexis
Randazzo, Lily
2020-nursing- Bove Johnson Martin.pdf

Bove, Brianna
Johnson, Stephanie
Martin, Sabrina
2020-nursing-Bosco Marco Sangiorg.pdf

Bosco, Alexandra
Marco, Gabrielle
Sangiorg, Victoria
2020-nursing-DePuydt Emerson Dallegro.pdf

Depuydt, Makenna
Emerson, Laren
D'Allegro, Jenna
2020-nursing-Persico Polantnick Arnold.pdf

Persico, Gianna
Polatnick, Danielle
Arnold, Katherine
2020-nursing-Dukanovic Sinanovic Stolecki.pdf

Dukanovic, Amara
Sinanovic, Sabrina
Stolecki, Anastazia
2020-nursing-Alvarado Roberts Sozio.pdf

Alvarado, Ariana
Roberts, Taylor
Sozio, Brianne
2020-nursing-Marceante Shaorshadze Volodarsky.pdf

Marceante, Giavanna
Shaorshadze, Tinatin
Volodarsky, Ariana
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