Wagner College Alumni Publications

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Wagner College Alumni Publications


This collection contains the publications created for the alumni of Wagner College. Starting in 1948 and known as the Link, this series has gone through a variety of name and format changes and is currently known as Wagner Magazine.

Collection Items

1975-06 Wagner (11-4).pdf

1975-02 Wagner (11-3).pdf

1974-11 Wagner (11-2).pdf

[Fall 1974]
1974-07 Wagner (11-1).pdf

[Summer 1974]
1973-05 Wagner (Spring 1973).pdf

Spring 1973
1973-02 Wagner (Winter 1973).pdf

Winter 1973
1972-10 Wagner (Fall 1972).pdf

Fall 1972
1972-06 Wagner (Summer 1972).pdf

Summer 1972
1972-04 Wagner (Spring 1972).pdf

Spring 1972
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