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[Document] A Word at the Beginning


A Word At The Beginning
In the eager pages of this little volume we find a spirit deeply touched with the love of humanity, a spirit alive to all its raptures and despairs. These verses are written by one of the vibrant and valorous souls of the Far…

[Greeting Card ca. December 8, 1944] [to] friends

[Letter ca. 1902] August 11 [to] Mr. Markham


Aug. 11
Dear Mr. Markham,
I am not sure whether this will find you home at this time of the year; but if not, it will probably be forwarded.
I have received a letter from Edward Carpenter by this mail asking me to forward him a copy of your poems,…

[Letter ca. 1902] June 12 [to] Mr. Markham


June 12
Dear Mr. Markham,
I have been wanting to ask you for a portrait of yourself for my room. Won’t you please send me one? I liked that San Francisco photograph (used in The Comrade); also one I saw in Rockwood’s the other day. Please send…

[Letter ca. 1907] May 20, New York [to] Mr. Markham


May 20
Dear Mr. Markham,
Thanks for the poem, which we had already taken from the “Journal” and which will appear in next week’s issue.
I think that it is far away the best and truest picture of this phase of modern Mammonism that I ever…

[Letter ca. 1907] The Helicon Home Colony, Englewood, N.J.


A month ago I sent out a confidential statement regarding the affairs of the colony. I succeeded in raising $16000, to be expended for either cottages or a dormitory building. Since then there has been a…

[Letter ca. 1915] January 5, Croton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham


Croton N Y Jan 5th
Dear Mr Markham:
I have your secty's note, with enclosures. I am much indebted to you for your kindness. I cannot tell for some time what I shall use of the material-- except that it will include the Man with the Hoe, and a…

[Letter ca. 1942] Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, Calif. [to] Dr. Stoughton

[Letter ca. 1943] Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, Calif. [to] Dr. Stoughton

[Letter ca. 1944] [to] Dr. Stoughton