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[Letter] 1904 September 15, New York [to] Mr. Markham


Sept. 15/04

Dear Mr. Markham,

I thank you very heartily for your kind word and invitation. To come for two or three days would be, I fear, impossible, as I am now working regular office hours. It would be a great pleasure, however, to pay you a…

[Letter] 1901 September 29, New York [to] Mr. Markham


New York, Sept. 29/01

Dear Mr. Markham,
Mr. LeGallienne disappointed us on his poem for THE COMRADE at the last moment, and we were compelled to use…

[Letter] 1926 June 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham


C/o Psychology Publishing Company
17 West 60th Street.
New York City.
June 15, 1926

Dear Mr. Markham,
A new monthly magazine is about to be born. Henry Knight Miller and Arthur H. Howland are behind it, and I am helping them to get it out. It…

[Letter] 1931 January 15, Bronx, New York City [to] Mr. Markham


2970 Marion Ave., Bronx, New York City.
Jan. 15, ‘31
Dear Mr. Markham,
Your letter, with its enclosures, was an inspiration. These poems were among the very first of yours that I read (how long ago!) and they are very dear to me. Mr. Land’s…

[Letter] 1916 February 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham


241 East 201st St., New York City.
Feb. 15, 1916.
It is long –too long-- since I have seen you. I have been thinking for some time of coming over to Staten Island to get a glimpse of you and to talk over old times. Now my young friend, Jacob…

[Letter, ca. 1907 February 26], [to] Mr. Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island


Monday 1907
Dear Mr. Markham,
We were all greatly disappointed that you were not able to come to Monroe on Sunday. You missed more than you will ever know.
We had a tremendous meeting; all the countryside was out. And Brother Graham and Sister…

[Letter] 1932 April 21, Bronx, New York City [to] Mr. Markham


April 21, ‘32

Dear Mr. Markham,
I read, with appreciation, the full – page article about you in last Saturday’s “Journal” and the column in yesterday’s “Herald Tribune.” It is good to know, old friend, that you are still so…

[Letter] New York [to] Mr. Markham


Sat. Eve.
Dear Mr. Markham,
I made a mistake in writing you. I cannot come Sat. eve., as I have promised to go to Philadelphia. How about Thursday eve? I will see Kirkpatrick at once, and find if this is convenient for him.
Do not write until you…

[Letter] 1902 January 24, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham


N.Y., Jan. 24/02.

Dear Mr. Markham,
I was more than pleased to get your kind note, - the more so because I feel I hardly deserved it. The article is very superficial, and was written during a stress of other work. I am not particularly proud of…

[Letter] 1901 August 6, New York [to] Mr. Markham


Aug. 6, 1901
Dear Mr. Markham,
Many thanks for your kind note, received at Indianapolis on the eve of our most successful Socialist Convention. We expect to get our little magazine out on Sept. 15, and shall use your poem on the first page of the…