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[Letter] 1918 September 2 [to] Mr. Markham


Sept. 2, 1918.
Mr. Edwin Markham,
92 Waters Ave.,
West New Brighton, New York.
Dear Mr. Markham:
I take pleasure in enclosing herewith the First Annual Report of the Agricultural and Industrial Labor Relief. This report, as you will note, covers…

[Letter] 1914 May 23, Baltimore [to] friend & comrade


c/o Y.M.C.A., Baltimore, Md
Edwin Markham,
Dear friend & comrade,
Let me first thank you for the privilege & inspiration of hearing & meeting you here. As you spoke I seemed to see myself in a new light, & to know that at least I had…

[Letter] 1940 June 19 [to] Dr. Hampton


June 19, 1940
Dear Dr. Hampton;
I wrote last year an article in the Sunday American on Mr. Markham’s poem, Russia, Arise, which he dedicated to me and what it brought about in Russia today. I hope you read it. I have same subject more elaborately…

[Letter] 1917 April 18 [to] Mrs. Markham


April 18, 1917
My dear Mrs. Markham;-
Many thanks for your kind invitation and note. We will be glad to see you Monday afternoon. We would like to take along with us Professor Kouznetzoff from Petrograd, now here, if possible. Can we do so? We…

[Letter] 1908 September 7 [to] Comrade


September 7, 1908.
Edwin Markham,
Landing, N.J.
Dear Comrade.—
Under separate cover we are mailing you a copy of the last edition of my “Songs of Socialism” I trust that you may find this work interesting and quite an improvement upon the…

[Letter] 1917 July 13 [to] Mr. Markham


July 13th 1917
Prof. Edward Markham, Treasurer-
West New Brighton, S-I.
My Dear Mr. Markham,
Herewith please find my check for $10- for the general expenses of the Christian Socialist Fellowship, - national. I hope we may be able to keep up our…

[Letter] Friday [to] Brother


Beloved Edwin Markham, Comrade of The Dawn, Brave Dreamer of Brave Dreams, Courageous Champion of The Oppressed, and World’s Greatest Living Poet,
Hail Brother:
Thank You! It is too good to be true that you are with us once more and that…

[Letter] undated [to Mrs. Markham]


20 copies The Man With The Hoe
10 Lincoln
Books Autographed
5 copies The Man With The Hoe and Other Poems
5 Eighty Songs at Eighty
(I want to start in a small way and see what I can do. The people like the books but they…

[Letter] 1933 Thanksgiving [to] Beloved "Edwin of the Song"


The Poets’ Garden
Thanksgiving Morning
Beloved “Edwin of the Song”
Hail! on this my happiest Thanksgiving. My heart overflows with gratitude for the great gifts you have given. I shall try always to be worthy and to carry on…

[Letter] 1933 August 20, Los Angeles, California [to] Beloved Edwin Markham, Great Poet, World Brother, Precious Friend


1622 S. Spaulding Ave.
Los Angeles, California.
Aug. 20th, 1933.
Beloved Edwin Markham,
Great Poet, World Brother,
Precious Friend:
Hail! Hail! All of my heart to you wherever you are a’roaming—out there in Canada, back home in the U.S.A.,…