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[Letter ca. 1915] January 5, Croton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham


Croton N Y Jan 5th
Dear Mr Markham:
I have your secty's note, with enclosures. I am much indebted to you for your kindness. I cannot tell for some time what I shall use of the material-- except that it will include the Man with the Hoe, and a…

[Letter] 1914 October 2 [to] Mr. Sinclair


92 Waters Avenue
West New Brighton, N.U.
October 2, 1914.
Dear Mr Sinclair:
I am heartily in favor of protesting against the destruction by the Germans of the monuments and works of art which are the patrimony of humanity. I shall be happy to…

[Letter] 1910 May 26 [to] Mr. Sinclair


May 26, 1910.
Dear Mr. Sinclair:
I enclose a letter that may serve you in your "Independent" article: but it just comes to me that your plan does not apply solely to poets, and unluckily I do not happen to have your first letter at hand to relieve…

[Letter] 1910 December 2, West New Brighton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Sinclair


West New Brighton, N.Y.
December 2, 1910
My dead Mr. Sinclair,
I don't know as much as you do about the Fred Warren case; but I shall be willing to sign the call you speak of provided Professor Giddings, Mr. Steffens and you yourself think it…

[Letter ca. 1907] The Helicon Home Colony, Englewood, N.J.


A month ago I sent out a confidential statement regarding the affairs of the colony. I succeeded in raising $16000, to be expended for either cottages or a dormitory building. Since then there has been a…

[Letter] 1906 October 6, West Brighton, N.Y. [to] Comrade in this Long Battle


92 Waters Avenue,
West New Brighton, N.Y.
Oct. 6, 1911
Comrade in this Long Battle:
Yes, I will send something to the Christian Socialist cause – always glad to help in the great cause. I’d send more, were it not that I sent ten dollars a few…

[Document] A Word at the Beginning


A Word At The Beginning
In the eager pages of this little volume we find a spirit deeply touched with the love of humanity, a spirit alive to all its raptures and despairs. These verses are written by one of the vibrant and valorous souls of the Far…

[Letter] 1939 April 29, Washington, D.C. [to] Edwin Markham


April 29, 1939
Dear Edwin Markham,
Greetings! It is a long time since I have been in direct touch with you, but I have thought of you often.
I want to tell you how vividly and affectionately I thought of you when I read the enclosed article on…

[Letter] 1907 January 31 [to] Mr. Markham


January 31st, 1907.
Mr. Edwin Markham,
Westerleigh Park, West New Brighton, Staten Island.
My dear Mr. Markham:-
One of the two rooms we have in mind is big enough to hold five or six thousand books, and you have no idea how blue the skies are…

[Letter] 1914 January 20 [to] Sir & Comrade


Tuesday Jan 20th 1914
Edwin Markham Esq.
92 Waters Ave
New Brighton, NY.
Dear Sir and Comrade,
I am about to arrange one or two large and interesting public affairs (of a popular educational character); one of them most probably with the Hon.…